Wax Sachets. What are they ?

You may have heard of a Wax Sachet or Wax Tablet but what are they and how do you use them?

What is a wax sachet?

It's a scented decorative hanging freshener made from wax. When the scent fades, it can be snapped to use in a wax burner to release the remaining scent.

How long does it last?

Our customers have found the 'cold scent throw' lasts for a minimum of 3 months and starts to gently fade. When snapped and used in a wax burner, the  'hot throw' scent , is revitalised and continues to fragrance your room.

Where's the best place to hang one? 

We have to remember it's Wax, so it is advised to hang somewhere cool  within your home. It is NOT to be used in a car!

  • Our 'Fragrant Frames' which have been created specifically for our wax sachet makes for a cute home decor which smells sweet! It's an open frame  to hold and display your sachet.
  • Some of our customers like to place them in a clothes drawer or wardrobe. Placed in a linen or organza bag so they aren't touching the clothes.  Each time it opens they enjoy there favourite scent.
  • Bathroom! Yes, they have been placed in there too. 


Top Tip

Keep them away from direct heat sources like windows, radiators, conservatories. 

As a hanging freshener, the natural heat & warmth from around your home will gently allow the wax sachet to release its scent.

When the scent is not as strong, you can snap a piece off, pop it in your wax melter and enjoy as you would your wax melts.

The scent now becomes a 'hot throw' scent and you will notice it is stronger.



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