A little bit about Vintage Norah.

Vintage Norah ' began way back in 2013 as a blog and doing the rounds over on Etsy. 

 All due to this lovely lady you see here...Norah loved to rummage, to find a bargain and over the years she was able to 'store' many, many, many things!!!!

She had a soft spot for hats....we came across nearly 230! Bags, gloves, oh my it goes on!! Many of her 'gatherings' have been spread around to help with fundraising and for others to earn a 'bob or two'. Some of her jewellery has been recrafted into new pieces and others you will find listed here (in due course) alongside our vintage inspired melts.

Since the opening of Vintage Norah, you will be glad to know her items are spreading worldwide...yep she is everywhere, right down to New Zealand. Some items have gone to museums, TV studios, galleries or revivals.
Some have been the finishing touch for a wedding outfit, a birthday gift and even a 'must have a go with these' gift!!! (Hair grips.)

There are items which have been 'recrafted' for various craft projects and now we have our wonderful range of botanical wax melts and wax sachets. 

'Her father; a cooper and box maker by trade; made a box in the early 1900's...it is now with me, along with dripped wax from the candles they made at the time. A box of nearly 120 years of memories.' You can find out more about 'the box' & Norah here...

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